Play Gym - White

by minika

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The Minika Play Gym is the perfect first toy for your babe. For the minimalist family. It's a beautiful piece of handmade work and easy to fold and store away when not being used.

Made of the highest quality pine wood and sanded to the smoothest possible state for your little one.

- Play gym toys are made with 100% non-toxic and food safe silicone beads that are free of harmful chemicals (BPA, lead, mercury, phthalates andcadmium) non-stick, odorless and easy to clean.

- Includes wooden gym, three hanging attachment toys and two screws for assembly 


Please don't leave child unattended while playing with the Minika activity gyms. Our designs contain small parts and cords which may pose a choking and strangulation risk of misuse.

Babies should always be supervised by an adult while playing with our Minika activity gyms.

Check all beads and parts before each use and dispose of immediately if damaged.

The wood rings are made from a natural material and therefore adult supervision is required. Natural wood can crack or break with forceful impact or improper handling if they contain a knot or weakened area.

Beads are strung on strong nylon cord, tied special and strength tested.

NEVER leave your baby alone with silicone teething toys. If your silicone teething ring breaks or is damaged do not let baby use it, send it back for repair or for a replacement. Please examine all toys and items your baby and/or children play with before and after every use and if you notice any signs of potential wear to products we provide, that could cause harm, please cease use immediately and contact us.