Beluga Baby Wrap - Light grey and white stripe (Shannon)

by Beluga Baby


*As a baby wearing family, we have tried most carriers out there. The Beluga Baby wrap is by far the softest, most versatile option out there. Because it's not bulky and you can throw it in your purse, this wrap is super easy to use and makes baby feel snug as a bug against your warm chest. We love Beluga Baby and we know you will too.  

- Made from sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo, this carrier is super soft and has a unique 4 way stretch that parents and babies both love. Beluga Baby wraps are proven to reduce crying by at least 40%. Game changer!

-Stay hands-free while baby rests near your heart. This wrap is suitable for babies new born to 25lbs. Consult your doctor while using this wrap for babies under 8 pounds or who are pre-term before using this carrier. 

Length: 4.2 Metres